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What is Business Wellness?

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Author: Heather Smith

What is Business Wellness?

Business Wellness was initiated by corporate businesses to prevent sicknesses and essentially time off by the employee. Since the concept was first initiated in the late 1980s, it has evolved tremendously!

Forbes describes the changes just in the last year due to our pandemic. The average employer’s attempts to create a healthier atmosphere were really just incentive fitness programs. These are great! Yes, let’s get employees healthier. Now, programs have become a bit more extensive. Advisors are asking corporate to “check on” their employees more than just on a physical level. Industries are reaching out to their staff and asking, “Are you good?” on a financial and mental wellness level too.

All of this is so wonderful and I am so happy to read such progression. But and there always is…when I describe business wellness, the above is only part of the “wellness”.

Business wellness describes a business’s wellness. A business as a whole, as one entity. When one program, group, or department is failing, everything else will slowly diminish. Read my blog post about business chakras to understand this concept better. With that being said, how is your business wellness?

  • Does your business struggle in any way?
  • Does your business have difficulty gaining and/or retaining employees?
  • Is your business earning its desired revenue?
  • Does your work environment bring joy to you and your team’s daily life?
  • Is your business just surviving or is it thriving?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I have a free workshop for you or your business professional.


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