Business Chakras

What are Business Chakras?

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Author: Heather Smith

What are Business Chakras?

I’m glad you asked…Let’s start with what are chakras?

Chakras are energy systems that generate and depict specific energies based on universal energies and emotions. It is known that 5 energy systems, first, initiated this philosophy back within Hindu Vedas. Like the 5 senses (touch, vision, hear, smell, taste), the first 5 symbols were created: square (touch-hands), circle (vision-eyes), dumpling (hear-ears), triangle (smell-nose), and half-moon (taste-mouth).

The term “chakra” stems from the word chakravartin which means, the king who “turns the wheel of his empire”.  It was thought that the king had all the answers and was the ruler of many. The community within these empires relied on their kings to show them the way during challenges and dispair.

The Rigveda (oldest translatable scripture in the Hindu religion) uncovers additional energy systems. Kunamnama is a goddess to the kingdoms of many. Her name, literally, means “She who is bent or coiled”. Later it is understood that Kunamnama reveals the embedded 2 energetic systems. This is similar to our sixth sense and our connection with God. Kunamnama brings spirituality in the form of intuition and the connection to a higher power.

Through the years, philosophers of all walks of life segmented the primary chakras. However, the first seven chakras are the baseline to all other energy systems.

From the moment of conception, two energy systems are interconnected. Female (left) and male (right) energies combine into one entity. From embryo to fetus, chakras are developing as well. Once the fetus is at term, the entity or ‘being’ is born.

If development is accurately formed, all chakras are perfectly aligned within the first moments of birth. The breath intuitively knows to be taken. This energetically activates nerve endings and welcomes in touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound.  Without our breath, these senses are not active.

The breath is our continuous connection to where we came from. Some perceive this connection as a connection to God, the Universe, Source, a higher power, the encompassing of all spiritual entities such as guides, angels, or any other dimensions. We can all agree that without breathing our organs stop working. How is the body capable of breathing intuitively? Science explains that we have 2 systems, conscious and unconscious. The Medulla Oblongata governs our automatic responses such as breathing, swallowing, digesting, and moving blood. While our frontal cortex initiates all intentional movement as well as higher cognitive functions such as memory, emotions, impulse control, problem-solving, social interaction, and motor function.

Mammals cannot function without both systems. These systems need to work together to drive any and all activities that human bodies are capable of achieving. In fact, we can break down all organs into energy systems to fully understand the necessity of harmoniously working together to live.

This is exactly how chakras work. Chakras are energy segments that depict specific functions. As mentioned above, energy systems are aligned when beings take their first breath. Misalignment occurs within the first twelve months of life due to external environmental changes. After the first twelve months of life, it is our thought patterns in association with previous external environmental changes that affect our energy systems.

Let’s take a closer look at each primary energy system:

crown chakraMost mammals enter the world through the crown chakra or Sahasrara. This chakra is the base for Universal consciousness. Our connection to a higher realm; the ability to stay connected to another dimension, God, the deceased, and guidance. The crown is the unity between cognitive knowledge (memory, emotions, impulse control, problem-solving, social interaction, and motor function) and subconscious knowledge like breathing, swallowing, digesting, and moving blood. This Sahasrara is located on the top of the head.

third eye chakra The third-eye or Ajna chakra signifies the subconscious mind; the inner wisdom of knowing.  Intuition, clarity, or perception is ignited through vision. Not the vision with sight, but rather a vision within the mind’s eye. Our imagination is a powerful tool for growth. Children at play are the epitome of this definition. Without the mind’s eye, goals would not be established. The energy system is located between and slightly above the two eyes.

throat chakraVishuddha’ means purification from harmful substances. The body rids its toxins through this energy system. This chakra, otherwise known as the throat chakra is the voice of expression. Inspiration is established and expressed through the throat chakra. The ability to communicate effectively is governed in this space. And because relationships are established based on communication, relationship energy, also, lives in this space. The throat chakra is at the base of the throat, under the ears, and down through the neck and shoulders.

heart chakraThe heart or Nahata chakra is located within the heart space. It governs emotions such as love, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. The heart chakra is very special as it acts to connect all the chakras together. It is said to be the bridge between the physical and nonphysical energies. We establish our senses of trust, peace, generosity, and gratitude from our heart chakra. The ability to connect, change and transform, develop healthy boundaries, establish depth in relationships, and regain or manage emotional control is governed in the heart chakra. Without the initial deep love for ones’ self, all the above is substantially hindered.

solar plexus chakra The 3rd chakra is the solar plexus or Manipura chakra. This is known as our power point. Identity, personality, and action are governed in this energy system. In people, the solar plexus is balanced when self-esteem and self-awareness are established. Our sense of sight and our ability to perform an action is contributed to our solar plexus chakra. The energy system spans just above the navel to below the breast bone.

Sacral ChakraThe sacral or Swadisthana chakra is located just above the base of the spine and spans to the top of the navel. The second chakra is associated with all pleasure and the ability to receive. Mammals’ sexual energy lives in this space. Creativity and flowing consciousness are governed in this chakra. I’m sure you have heard of the ability to go with the flow; well, that is where this term originated from. People that have the willingness to change and transition seamlessly without losing focus on the task at hand, have a well-balanced sacral chakra.

Root chakra The first chakra, the root or Mūlādhāra is located at the base of the spine and stems down the legs and all the way to the toes. It is easy to remember the first chakra as it resembles the roots of plants. This is where strength lives. Roots are where we are grounded. Safety and stability energies reside in the root chakra. Feminine and masculine energy unite in this space. Unity and relationships are established within the root chakra. This energy system develops in the womb and is fully developed by 12 months in mammals. As humans, we learn who to trust and distrust based on our basic needs being met.

Business Chakras

Chakras are energy systems that live in specific spaces. As I just explained above, these energy systems govern our physical and emotional needs. When these energy systems are unbalanced, ailments, chaos, and disease occur. Each energy system could either be too open or too closed off (often referred to as blocked). When these energy systems are not functioning accurately, they rely on the other primary energy systems to take over. This is common with our human body. For instance, if one of our organs is not functioning correctly, another organ will step in and overcompensate. However, that organ that took over is now running two jobs. And so other organs get involved as the body’s automatic healing mechanism kicks in. Before a human can question what is happening, all the energy systems become unbalanced.

Now, I’m sure you can understand this perspective from a business standpoint. Think of employees and every employee has a job function. When one employee is not doing their job for whatever reason–maybe they called in that day, another employee is forced to pick up the slack from the missing function or perhaps many employees jump in. On that given day, it is easy to relate with “work” not being fun for the employee(s) involved. The additional employees were pushed out of their comfort zone. This is absolutely acceptable on an occasion. The same goes for our bodies. We can heal from the sudden change. However, if this occurs over longer durations, an imbalance arises.

Businesses are their own entity.  They have their own energy systems that are governed by our external environment. The external environment is based on employees, customers, and money. We could break down Business Chakras even further by departments. Each department within a business has its own set of goals to accomplish. All the employees have functions. They may or may not have customers involved, but they are all working towards a product or service for a customer. Everyone is governed by money; meaning, all employees are working because they are receiving a paycheck. Products or services are being sold and currency is received.

Within these various departments, there are multiple tasks that are completed each day. Each task falls into a specific energetic system. The internal energy is generated and radiated into creation, design, designation, and implementation tasks as well as the energy used to complete the task. Also, the energy that is received when the task is completed. Thoughts control emotions and emotions create energy. Think of all the thoughts being used in one given task or even one instruction. Depending on where the specific task resides, will depict the specific chakra being utilized.

Business chakras are the energy systems that govern specific tasks or functions. This is why teamwork is so very important! Communication is the key to success; however, communication between the energy systems is vital when saving or creating a business. If any business chakra is unbalanced, eventually, the other chakras will also become unbalanced. When the business chakras are not aligned, businesses will suffer. This could look different for every business. Maybe businesses are having a difficult time obtaining or retaining employees; or, perhaps, revenue is not being generated. Maybe, employees have said their work environment feels “toxic”. You can read my past blog post about finding business alignment to get a better understanding.

Passion overrides skills. I’m a firm believer that any skill, tool, or software can be learned. However, passion drives us and that cannot be learned. When people work in a field that supports their desires, they naturally emanate positive energy. I will often tell businesses to hire employees based on a passion for the business’s products or services.

My passion is digital marketing. After working in the marketing field for several years and then helping businesses with their digital marketing efforts, I accepted a position as a Digital Marketing Manager for a biotechnology company. I had no knowledge of biotech; however, I was very passionate about helping our world develop new advancements in cancer therapy. This company does just that. I had to crawl out of my comfort zone and create content with no science background. I was successful for five years. My passion, now, is to help more businesses create this alignment within their structure.

Content marketing excites me. I live for discovering new ways to implement keywords for organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid Search Engine Marketing reach like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads. I love repurposing content within Email Marketing campaigns and somehow tieing everything together for Social Media Marketing (SMM) both paid and organic. When I check the daily analytics to learn the conversion rates, I get excited like a little kid on Christmas morning. I am genuinely excited when I help businesses take their amazing products and services and share them with the world. Our World Wide Web has certainly taken the guesswork out of this process.

Overall, life is meant to be fun! This especially includes careers and the business environments. The best and fastest way to get your business chakras balanced is to have fun as a company. Value your employees to the absolute fullest. Find gratitude in everything and anything that is received. DON’T obsess about loss! Focus on what IS going great. Train your employees to have this mindset and hire employees that understand this concept.

Additional resources to assist:

Eating healthy and exercise contribute to balancing our energy systems. This is why so many businesses provide benefits for a healthy lifestyle. Get excited about a team of individuals working together towards something bigger and better. Get excited about all the possibilities your business could contribute to the greater good. How is your business serving the community? What’s your business mission? How are your businesses’ products and/or services creating our world a better place?

Need a little more help? I’m happy to serve. I train staff and business owners to align business chakras with digital marketing efforts. Get your business chakras aligned with Business Alignment. Currently, I am consulting with teams and business owners. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consult.