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Content Marketing, Copywriting, Services, and Products

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Content Marketing, Copywriting, Services, and Products all have one element in common…these actions live in the Sacral or Swadisthana Chakra.
In Business Alignment, this energy is what we are giving our customers. Giving and receiving are the same energy. So, if you want to receive, you have to give with that same energy. Think of how you felt as a little kid and someone gave you a gift. Were you delighted and excited? This is how you have to write, create, and produce anything that is given from your business. And then look at the end result. Is the creation producing the emotion of pleasure from your audience?
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Business Chakras

What are Business Chakras?

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Businesses are their own entity.  They have their own energy systems that are governed by our external environment. The external environment is based on employees, customers, and money. We could break down Business Chakras even further by departments. Each department within a business has its own set of goals to accomplish. All the employees have functions.
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Foot print on beach

A Mission to Create a Content-Rich Mission Statement

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The first step towards balancing your business chakras is developing a mission statement. Think of it as the footprint of your business. It’s the first step; and then, everything else should align with this mission. When I say everything, I mean employees, leaders, all forms of marketing, development, programs, campaigns, products, and EVERYTHING.
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