following the mission

Following the Mission

[Image by Heather Smith]
Author: Heather Smith

Following the Mission

Many spiritual leaders believe the solar plexus or Manipura chakra should be recognized as the first chakra. However, this energy system is the third chakra. The location of this energy is in the stomach. The energy location spans from the top of the navel to below the sternum. This chakra is known as the power point. The color of concentration is yellow.

This space is all about inspired action. When you think about your own intuition, you may refer to how the stomach feels about specific topics. For instance, when making critical decisions in your life or business, you may feel sensations in your stomach area. When nervous or upset, our stomach acids churn resulting in discomfort. Or, a feeling of excitement like butterflies flying around in this space. Perhaps, you have heard the saying, “I just have a gut feeling about it!”

Radin D.I. and Schlitz M.J. (2005) conducted a double-blinded study on 26-pairs of healthy adults. The researchers investigated whether “gut feelings” are correlated with intuition. The measurement was tested in pairs by giving one person stimuli (positive, negative, and neutral) while the other watched and responded to the stimuli.

Each Electrogastrogram (EGG) increased in response to the emotions of the distant person. This suggests that feelings may be associated with perceptions transcending ordinary sensory capabilities. In other words, our stomach is our “belly brain” as mentioned in the conclusion of this study.

As humans, if we feel confident about a decision, we move forward. In business structures, actions need to follow missions. A mission for businesses is the identity of organizations. Putting the mission into words provides guidelines for staff and customers. A sense of direction assists with every action taken for the company and this statement provides stability and comfort for the consumer. Sometimes, missions can change. Often this occurs as businesses evolve and expand. When missions evolve, so does the business plan. Take extra steps with teams and leaders to re-evaluate the mission and statement. Otherwise, decision-makers may be dysregulated and create an imbalance within the structure. Remember to work smarter not harder or longer…

Interestingly, the majority of us do not follow or trust intuition. This topic in itself is another blog post altogether; perhaps it’ll be a future copy! This may be the reason behind gastrointestinal disease within half of our society.  When an action is not backed by trust, dysregulation occurs. How often do you find yourself saying, “I should have done…” or “I shouldn’t have done..”? Even knowing this, personally, I will still catch myself not listening to my own intuitions. I’m getting better at listening to what I refer to as the first voice. Hey–we are always evolving, right?

yin yang in the clouds

The concept of yin-yang describes complimenting energies within the universe as the functionality within the solar plexus chakra. Yin as meaning inward, receiving, listening, and deciding. Yang as outward, giving, and action. We cannot have one without the other. They are one together. Just like the 24-hour cycle couldn’t have night without day.

You say hello and I say goodbye…However, in various cultures, this energy is the same. For instance, Namaste (I bow to the divine in you) is a greeting and action when coming or going. Aloha–the spirit of Hawaii, also, used as a greeting and a departure term. The one expression means the same in both examples. Hello, means I am acknowledging that we are meeting or to gain attention. In contrast, Goodbye which originated from “Godbwye is a shortened version of “God be with ye“. Arriving and leaving are the same energy as we cannot have one without the other.

Analyzing and Testing

Our solar plexus chakra guides us as we listen. If we trust the guidance, the solar plexus chakra is balanced. Our mission statement is the action of intuition. Keeping every action in alignment with the mission will ensure balanced business structures. The guidance could be received as a tool. This could be an analysis or results from testing. The interpretation or perception of the guidance determines actions or action steps.

For instance, Zoom’s mission is to make video communication frictionless. Let’s say a developer had a fantastic idea that would result in an increased-profitable margin, substantially. After testing, it is discovered that usability is compromised. Regardless of the dollar amount, the company decides not to deploy the upgrade to keep their “actions” parallel with their mission. The testing is the guidance.

From a marketing standpoint, analytics and actions steps are all governed by the third chakra’s energy system. It is best to choose one analytical tool such as Google Analytics. Users will need to create a business account versus using personal Google accounts. Check out Why is Google Business Profile Imperative for Your Business Structure? Then, create the Google Analytics account using the same credentials. Tags will need to be inserted within various portions of the website to track pages and progress.


The solar plexus chakra is the identity and power point of business entities. It is important to keep the hierarchy balanced. For instance, what is the business strategy for accomplishing visions and goals? Does everyone within the teams work together towards the mission? Or, is power dictated and micromanaged?

Our solar plexus governs entities’ confidence. The confidence levels within departments and businesses are a reflection of guidance, interpretations, expressions, and actions.  It is quite possible that businesses produce energies of lack of confidence considering the bulk of society struggles with an imbalanced solar plexus chakra. What is given is received. It is the same energy. It is no wonder Newton’s third law of motion represents the third chakra. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


  1. Is the business mission up-to-day? If not, collaborate as a team to reassess and re-write the mission statement. Each department leader should meet and discuss this topic. Every member within teams is within the energy circle. This will create and sustain business models.
  2. Does everyone within each department feel confident about the guidance and interpretation? Do they feel confident about the decisions being made? How can organizations do a better job to improve decision-making?
  3. What is the hierarchy of the business structure? Is everyone able to speak their truth? Collaboration is vital within institutions. Are leaders open to receiving ideas and guidance from team members? Are leaders open to collaborating on decisions or dictating actions?
  4. Work smarter not harder or longer. Take the time to do these added steps to ensure a balanced solar plexus-business chakra as well as happy team members.



*The Electrogastrogram (EGG) records the electrical signals that travel through the muscles of the stomach controlling these contractions. An EGG can also measure stomach wall nerve activity before and after food ingestion.