Buti Yoga

[UPDATE~New online mini-classes]

You may or may not have heard of Buti Yoga. Many associate the term “Buti” with a person’s backside, but (no pun intended) the practice, on the contrary, is very spiritual. “Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means the cure to something hidden or kept secret (Gold, 2018)“. Many, including myself, carry around trauma that could dictate one’s life. Some believe that we hold trauma from generation to generation…that it’s seeped into our bones, cells, and DNA. While others suffer from traumatic experiences that have been so strongly repressed that their consciousness does not recall such an experience. And I think we can all agree that our pandemic, that we are gratefully coming out of, has seriously fucked us up (oh yeah, in Buti Yoga we curse a lot).

Buti Yoga is a fantastic venue to stay in shape while having fun! This advanced regimen is not for everyone. There is a very powerful spiritual connection that occurs during a live class. You will often feel immense relief from trauma, unbalanced chakras, emotional dysregulation, and ailments. Buti Yoga instructors are trained to sense what is needed from their participants.

How is Buti different? Buti Yoga is like no other practice you’ll experience. The asanas are the same; however, the founder, Bizzi Gold, incorporated specific moves that make Buti Yoga like no other. Spiraling to start, is a movement that draws circles around your heart center and the base of the spine. The spiraling motion moves either counterclockwise or clockwise. It is believed that female energy is welcomed to the left and male energy to the right. The goal is to be balanced with both as we all carry both female and male energy.

Next, hip ticks are done by pinching the lower ribs into the hip crest. This is done in a quick motion utilizing deep-core-stability muscles. Think of belly dancing. Then, there is the shake. Buti Yoga is well known for this movement. Stepping your feet on the outside of your mat, you push on the outside of your feet. At the same time, you are pulling in on the inner thighs with a shaking, wobbling motion similar to a penguin walking in place.

The practice combines plyometrics, tribal dance, and dynamic asanas. The practice is vigorous and healing. You are guided through a series of movements to create chakra balance and to release stale-negative energy. Buti incorporates elements of shaking and vibration to help release stored trauma and stimulate cellular reorganization.

It is all about the music! Just like any exercise, the music matters. We dance to the beat, so when the beat changes, so doesn’t the tempo of the movement (except in the warm-up). The music is loud and full of bass. You can feel it resonating through your whole body. Picture the club scene had a baby with a health nut. We are releasing negativity, toxins, and who-gives-a-fucks! People scream, sing, and curse. It is a safe place to just let it all out! All this in a 60-90 minute class.

You can learn more about the practice at https://butiyoga.com/ or learn about a Buti Yoga instructor’s experience.

If you are interested in learning more about Buti Yoga, obtaining a free beginner series, or having Buti Yoga premiered at your Yoga Studio, please reach out. I am currently working on obtaining my own space to practice and hope to offer it in the very near future.

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