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Business Alignment

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Author: Heather Smith

Ever since I could remember, I have been searching for ways to align my chakras. Why? Our chakras are our energy-center systems. When they are not properly balanced, chaos occurs. This could be on any level: social, emotional, intellectual, or physical. We could look at this in a collective way or an individual way.


At first glance, individuals may start experiencing a lack of self-confidence if their 3rd chakra–Solar Plexus is not open enough; while others may have this chakra open too wide appearing vain and overly secure. Contentment with self is the balance.

Same chakra recognition in a business structure:

Hypothetically, a business may experience constant errors in production. It is easy to go and “blame” the individual(s) responsible, the team, or the team leader. Let’s say these errors have been occurring for a while. The leader has given warnings and now the leader asks the employee(s), responsible, to leave the organization. The company spends time, money, and energy seeking out the perfect individual(s) to fill the position(s). New employee(s) are hired and paid training is provided. Everything is balanced for a while and suddenly a similar error starts to occur. Now, a vicious cycle started.

Wouldn’t you like to get to the root of this problem?

Let’s look at this scenario from a different perspective. What is going on within this department? Or the individual(s) involved? How can you (Business Owner/CEO/Leader) support them? How is the workspace environment? How much support is there? Are you as a leader taking responsibility for your own errors; are you hiding behind others?

Everything is energy. If businesses don’t troubleshoot the root causes of problems, the same problems (with different faces or spaces) will continue to occur over and over again. NOW, read that again!

The first step in proper business alignment is recognition. Own your shit…honesty still is the best policy.

Maybe problems are stemming from the financial structures.  It’s probably safe to say that it always comes down to money, right? The big green stuff that everyone wants. I see start-ups and small businesses doing well and, then, eventually wanting more money. Hey, no judgment. I’m a big fan of money too. When the desire for more money or any money is strong, consider the why? What are your truths? Are those beliefs consistent with the highest good for the organization as a whole? Just check in and see…

Some businesses may want the gain for power or control. This gained power will make organizations weak when ironically, the intention was set for freedom and security. Power will not keep your business safe. And money can’t be the “why” for your business initiatives. Power is not in business alignment. It is a false sense of security. It is impossible to ever get it done. This false sense of security will set companies up for future failure. Maybe it won’t happen immediately, but I will assure you, it will happen. Why? Because the constant power struggle can never be accomplished. It can be justified but never satisfied. Contentment, happiness, longevity, stability, and prosperity are all possibilities when goals or missions are set for the highest good–How is your business helping others?

Is your business gaining and retaining employees?

The most current ailment within business structures is staffing. It is easy to blame our government, laziness, or whatever. The truth is businesses have been hit, resulting in loss after loss. When as a collective nation, and when I refer to a collective nation I mean society as a whole, is dwelling on the loss, more loss will continue and continue. What if as a collective nation we focus on successes? What if we focus on what we are grateful for? Do you have any employees that go out of their way to help and bend over backward for your business? How’s your energy around that? Maybe, friends or loved ones stepped in offering guidance and help.

People DO want to work. However, our pandemic has taught our society an invaluable lesson: Love and be grateful for what you have; because tomorrow, is not promised. Employees want to feel appreciated. They want to feel valued. Yes, incentives, bonuses, and high pay are great, but they can only go so far. Research shows that employees prefer flexibility in a work schedule and feeling valued over pay rates. There are so many creative ways to really value the support your business currently is receiving. Focus on that and watch it grow.

Restructure your business alignment to create proper energy flow and prosperity will occur. Or start off your business on the left or right foot with alignment in place and continue to be receptive to a holistic business approach. 

Is your business open to receive?

If so, keep reading…

Step One: What is working? Acknowledge your successes. If not from the present moment, acknowledge what has worked in the past. Capture that feeling and feel deep gratitude for what has worked and what IS still working.

Step Two: What are the identifiable concerns? Acknowledgment and responsibility will set your business free.

Step Three: What action steps has your company taken to address these concerns?

Step Four: Does the action steps align with the business mission and or business goals?

Take a moment to answer the above questions, honestly. Where do you go from here?

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