I founded Cache the Wave, LLC to heal businesses from the economic crash caused by COVID-19. Introducing Business Alignment–an integrative marketing approach that is unique and versatile. Holistic healing approaches such as Reiki and Buti Yoga allow the body to heal itself. I am developing a digital marketing plan to do just that…to heal itself. I will teach businesses and individuals how to balance their business chakras and teach a digital marketing solution that aligns with their business goals. 
The digital marketing course is unique and versatile. It will bring individuals and businesses alike back to a starting point. You will relearn everything that was taught by our society and the competition. Your marketing efforts will never be the same, again, after mastering my uniquely crafted program. If you are interested in my digital marketing program, please sign up for correspondence. The program will be launching in Fall 2021.

My background is in marketing. I have worked throughout the Upper Valley supporting many small businesses with their marketing efforts. In 2012, I decided to expand my marketing knowledge with a focus on web marketing. Southern NH University offers both in-person and online courses. As an adult learner, SNHU’s flexibility enabled me to succeed! I graduated with a Master of Science in Information Technology, concentrating on web design, in 2016.

My Goal

I would like to help and heal our community from the Covid-19 economic impact. I was saddened to watch so many businesses struggle or close within the last year.

Throughout my life, I have noticed one similarity within businesses. The competition factor. Some say it is inevitable. I don’t believe business structures should be built on competition nor do I believe it strengthens a business structure, especially when the competition is within the same business. Teams need to work together, lifting each other up, guiding, and teaching one another. Instead, I have witnessed just the opposite. There is a strong-societal-core belief that there is not enough to go around. In fact, this is very much the opposite.  

Competitive energy within a business or person can destroy business structures and individuals. It is my mission to teach my program to the world. And I am starting right here in my backyard. Once the program is complete, my community will have access to it for free provided an honest review is given. Cache the Wave, LLC is committed to helping and healing the community one person and one business at a time.


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